Removing Rats from Your Attic

Of course you're member of the DIY-trend setters embracing the do-it-all attitude in an innovative way. So why wouldn't you catch Tacoma rats yourself, with homemade rat catching gear? Obviously the best way to trap rats/mice, and the easiest is to buy basic traps like glue traps or snap traps, but sometimes the problem is just too big for those to handles. Sometimes you have to go on the offensive. It isn't fun, but it's what a man does. Now let's get to business.

Make your Own Traps and Use Them
Making your own rat traps is like a real-life version of the childhood board game, Mouse Trap. Only you're actually catching disease ridden Washington rodents instead of making cool plastic contraptions.

- The “Peanut Butter Spoon Bucket”
- Put some peanut butter on the end of a spoon and hang the spoon off of a counter.
- Place a bucket underneath the spoon.
- When the Tacoma rat runs out to get the spoon, it will fall along with the spoon into the bucket.
- The “Peanut Butter Bottle Bucket”
- This is the same concept as the last one, but instead it uses a skewed soda bottle and a bucket.
- Stick a skewer through the bottom of a soda bottle and through the top of it.
- Balance the skewer over a bucket.
- Place peanut butter on the middle of the soda bottle.
- The Washington rodent will try to get the peanut butter, spin off, and boom! He's yours. Muahahaha.

Well, okay, so after the Tacoma rat gets betrayed by peanut butter, what do I do with the little guy?
- The hardest part of finally capturing that pesky rat is figuring out what in the blazes to do with it after you've caught it.
- Do you bop it on the head and toss its cadaver?
- No, it's been much too worthy an opponent in the battle of wits for such a disrespectful departure.
- If you release it, will it just find its way back and annoy the crap out of you all over again?
- As long as you release it a good few miles away, you're probably safe from the revenge of the rascally rat.
- Maybe you want a pet rat, plenty of people have them. They can be kind of cute, after all. Can you keep a wild Washington rat?
- Yes, yes you can. It doesn't really have much of a higher risk of disease once you bathe it, though it does take a little extra work to get him to warm up to being around people.

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