Tacoma Wildlife and Animal Removal

How to get Groundhogs Out from Under a Shed or Porch

Groundhogs are a dangerous lot and should be removed as soon as their presence is felt. As they live underground it is hard to determine whether your shed or porch is infested with it. But there are some sure ways to find out how. Groundhogs are intelligent Washington animals that like to live in burrows. They have certain characteristics and techniques by which they build their burrows. These burrows are quiet big and have compartments so that must be your first clue. Take remedial steps before it's too late as Tacoma groundhogs have a tendency to dig, which may cause weakening of the foundation of your place.

The easiest solution is to trap the Tacoma animal and remove it. But the question arises of how to trap the animal. To avoid the problem in the first place you must install barriers like steel fences or a wire mesh that prevents the entry of any ground baring animal. These fences must go a suitable length underground for animals like Washington groundhogs that can dig their way from underneath the ground.

Once you find the burrow, one way to excavate the Washington animal is to block all the exits to the burrow. As already told that they build an extensive network of tunnels, this may take some time for you to determine all the exits. Even though if you find them there is always a chance that if you block all the exits the Tacoma groundhog can dig its way out easily by digging a new exit quiet easily, so this is not a permanent solution. And plus there is always a chance that in finding the creature you might damage the structural property yourself.

Always choose a sunny day to perform your hog removal operation because this will give you bit leverage as Tacoma groundhogs like to work in early mornings. Ammonia therapy has proven to be very effective in these cases. Prepare a mixture of 2 tablespoons of detergent, 2 cups of ammonia and quarter cup of water. Pour this mixture into the burrow. You will notice that the hogs that were inside will come out of them and those already out won't go in. Once all out close all the openings by filling the holes with dirt. Repeat is necessary.

Another option you can consider is trapping the Tacoma animal. You need to buy a trap and fill it with food that attracts hogs like vegetables, fruits, etc. Once you catch it you can always set it free into woods or a forest far away from your home. You can also use Epsom salt to discourage the entry of the animal but this process takes time and regularity. You can also propose a threat by putting a predator nearby like coyotes that will scare the Washington groundhogs away.

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