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What Are Some Of The Symptoms Of A Sick Squirrel?

Squirrels just like any other Tacoma animals can be sick and different diseases can be identified with different symptoms. The problem is that most of the squirrel diseases normally come with similar symptoms making it difficult for a veterinary doctor to diagnose. For that reason, this article is put together to information you more about the possible symptoms that will show you that a squirrel is sick or need urgent medical attention. Knowing the meaning of the symptoms is important as that can help you to know the best way to protect yourself against infection from Washington squirrel.

Constant Sneezing and Coughing
Though, every warm blooded animal sneeze occasionally, there are some kinds of sneezing that will indicate health issues. If you find a Washington squirrel constantly sneezing and coughing that shows that it has a deadly disease that require urgent medical attention of a vet. More so, you should not forget to protect yourself while handing a squirreling with constant coughing and sneezing. This is to avoid contacting serious bacterial or even viral disease that will be difficult to handle in the body of human.

Squirrel Is Shivering or Wheezing
Squirrel is a warm blooded animal in the Tacoma rodent family. There is a certain limit the body temperature needs to be in order for the animal to enjoy good health. More so, there are some bacteria diseases that can result to temperature reduction in squirrel making it important for you to know that Washington squirrel is not feeling healthy when it start to shiver or wheeze for any reason.

Squirrel with Overgrown Incisors
A healthy Tacoma squirrel is always in the business of trimming and putting the incisor under check. That is why it normally makes scratchy sound and eats up wood and even wire while in your attic. But, if you find a Washington squirrel with overgrown incisor, it is a simple indication that it is not healthy and need medical attention.

Diarrhea or Passing of Blood from Squirrel
Squirrel with organ problem such as liver or kidney infection can pass blood in the poop. There are other bacterial and viral infections that can cause diarrhea for Washington squirrel. So, if you find squirrel in this condition, the best thing to do is to take it to a nearby veterinary doctor for emergency medical attention. That will help to save the life of the Tacoma squirrel before allow it to go back to the natural habitat in the wild.

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